La Vive Classique Academy of Dance offers classes for both the vocational and recreational student.

The Academy teaches the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus for classical ballet, offering the
Pre-School Dance Curriculum to Solo Seal Level.

The syllabus helps students to develop co-ordination, fitness, a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression. The syllabus also promotes self discipline and boosts confidence.


  Classes for all abilities and ages from 2½ years  
  • Classical Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz and Tap
  • Pre-School Curriculum
  • Pilates
  • Singing
  • HSC Dance
  • Technical Coaching
  • Adult Ballet, Jazz and Tap

Not only does the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus equip the students in terms of classical ballet but also in terms of life skills.

Whether it be classical ballet, jazz, contemporary or tap, classes are intended not only for the students to learn but also to develop and inspire their enthusiasm for dance whilst having fun.

LGTDA Tap - The Les Griffith Tap Syllabus was the first syllabus to have double beats. Dein Perry and the original Tap Dogs were trained by the renowned Les Griffith.

Contemporary classes are available for all levels and standards. The Contemporary dance form is innovative, expressive and is characterised by versitility.


  Jazz, hip hop and tap are a great way to exercise and stay fit. Advanced students are trained to cover all genre of jazz.


Pilates the 'Exercise for a lifetime' helps improve alignment, posture, strength and flexibility. The mat work classes not only offer assistance to the dancer but are also very beneficial to the adult.


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